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Why Use Seattle UBuildIt for Your Home Remodel or New Building Project

Published on June 1, 2016 under About UBuildIt
Why Use Seattle UBuildIt for Your Home Remodel or New Building Project

Seattle UBuildIt is the ideal choice for implementing your home remodel or new home building project. Why? Not only do you have far more control and involvement in the creation of your dream home, you can also do so at a lower cost than using a general contractor — all with the expert guidance of a building team.

Expert advice and support. A myth about UBuildIt (perhaps due to the name), is that it’s a method of do-it-yourself home building. While UBuildIt customers definitely have more control and involvement in these projects, they are supported by building and construction experts! We guide you through the entire process to help you build your dream home or remodel your existing home to become your dream home. With the experience and skill provided by Ken Peterson and the Seattle UBuildIt team, you can get the home you’ve always dreamed of, without making costly mistakes that you might make if you were doing it alone.

Completely custom design. Each house is unique, and every homeowner wants something different to make their house a dream residence. With UBuildIt, you can do almost anything your heart desires, as long as it fits in your budget. Our job is to take your dream and make it reality.

More control. Since a UBuildIt project is your project, you’re completely in charge! We’re here to guide you through the process and help ensure that nothing is missed along the way, to get the job done right. You make the decisions about design, fixtures, materials, and even whether or not to ask your network of subcontractors and/or tradesmen to help out in order to reduce the costs of the project.    

Active involvement. Unlike with traditional construction projects, a UBuildIt home remodel or new construction project is 100 percent yours! This also means that you can get involved in the physical work of the project, in order to put some sweat equity into your home, save even more on the project, and reduce your mortgage payment.    

Cost savings. The savings are one of the primary reasons why homeowners choose us to help with their home remodel or new building project! When you use UBuildIt for your project, you can save up to 30 percent as compared with the average costs with a general contractor.


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