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What’s Your Dream Home Design?

Published on February 15, 2016 under About UBuildIt
What’s Your Dream Home Design?

UBuildIt allows homeowners to direct their construction or remodeling project and make sure their vision is executed exactly as they want. We never use prepackaged, one-size-fits-all plans, and we’re excited to take on a wide variety of design styles.

We’d like to take this post to highlight the diversity of some of our past work and hopefully inspire your future ideas.


Pacific Lodge


Lodge-style homes modeled after those built in the forests of the Pacific Northwest are, as you might imagine, an incredibly popular design choice here in Seattle. Loosely evocative of the cedar lodges and log cabins of early residents of the Pacific wilderness, Pacific Lodge homes typically have a natural wood exterior and steeply peaked roofs.



Kitamura x after

These homes are a striking departure from the more traditional architecture styles. Opposite of Victorian architecture that nests many small rooms, most contemporary-modern homes have expansive, open floor plans with high-vaulted ceilings and striking exteriors.


Ranch Style Family Home


We love helping families build a space where they grow together. Ranch-style homes are iconic of American domestic architecture, and this classic style that combines modernist lines with the American West for a sprawling, comfortable home.


If you’re interested in reimaging your home or building something entirely new, choose UBuildIt, where you control the project from start to finish! We’d love to hear more about your project—call us today!


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