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UBuildIt Statement & Resume

Published on December 13, 2014 under About UBuildIt
UBuildIt Statement & Resume

What makes UBuildIt different than your general contractor? YOU control the entire project, it’s as simple as that. Our construction experts work with you from start to finish to that you are involved in the entire planning and building process. Check out our professional statement and resume to see why UBuildIt is right for your project:

UBuildIt is consulting with all of the expertise and experience of any general contractor. We have over 25 years of building experience for all sizes of new residential construction and major/minor remodeling on the job, as well as over 16 years of construction consulting.

UBuildIt gives financial security for our clients.
Owner pays directly for all materials and subcontractor labor done on the project avoiding lien problems and overpayment to a general contractor. Consultant verifies correctness of costs and cash flow for when it is fair and correct to make payments. The UBuildIt client pays NO MARKUPS on labor or materials ever, saving thousands of dollars. Contractors mark up all labor and material costs on top of their general contracting fees.

UBuildIt pre-plans the client’s project on paper.

  • Hard cost line-item projections
  • Professional site review and evaluation
  • Experienced plan evaluation looking for problems before construction starts
  • Owner and consultant developed specifications for accurate wholesale bidding
  • Owner makes finish material selections from wholesale distributors
  • Consultant solicits bids at wholesale for all materials and multiple subcontractor quotes
  • Full spread sheet cost report bid supported, ready for finance consideration

UBuildIt consultant does on-site visits and off-site planning meetings.
We make many strategic job site visits and walk-throughs in guiding the homeowner every step of the way, from plans to occupancy approval. We set up to four planning meetings to establish scheduling and set correct job expectations:

  1. Pre-construction meeting with owner and consultant with construction manual and calendar.
  2. Start of construction meeting with owner, consultant, and city/county inspectors.
  3. Progress framing meeting with owner and consultant to project through plumbing, electric, HVAC.
  4. Progress drywall meeting with owner and consultant to project through finish work.

UBuildIt provides an online calendar system.
We populate an online, owner-friendly calendar that the homeowner controls to run for all aspects of their project. In order to smoothly schedule their project, the homeowner will have full knowledge of how long to expect each phase of construction will take. As the homeowner enters data, the calendar will automatically shift dates as the project processes adjusting for delays or faster scheduling.

Click here for a PDF version of the UbuildIt Profile & Resume.


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