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Spotlight on Vendors

Published on August 22, 2015 under News
Spotlight on Vendors

One of the things we’re able to offer our UBuildIt clients is 25 years of industry experience, and with that comes a thorough, careful knowledge of which vendors, suppliers, and sub-contractors are the best bets. We’ve weeded out all the providers who have inflated prices, bad service, or bad products, and have identified the companies who not only do exceptional work, but are also often willing to offer UBuildIt clients special pricing! We want to spotlight a few of our preferred vendors to give you a feel for who you might be working with if you choose to partner with UBuildIt.

Cabinets & Countertops

For kitchen and bathroom remodeling or construction, you need to be confident that your product and installation are coming from top-of-the-line professionals. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in the house—not only are they where people spend a lot of time, but they can make or break your resale value. We partner with Timber Ridge Design Studio for cabinets, hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and granite surfaces that will ensure that your bathroom or kitchen fixtures are of the highest quality. Timber Ridge specializes in cabinetry, including specialized glass cabinetry or entertainment centers, in either pre-made or fully-customized designs and finishes.

Home Design

We have several partners for floor plans and building design, including Timber Ridge and Creative Home Designs, but we recommend choosing our sister company HomeStyling Design if you want to be closely involved with your project’s design and given maximum ownership. HomeStyling Design is located in Seattle, making them easy to contact and work with. Instead of buying cookie-cutter plans off the internet, or hiring an architect who will cost tens of thousands of dollars, HomeStyling Design offers 100 percent customizable plans for remodels or new construction and saves their clients between 50 and 200 percent.

Paint Supply

Behr is one of the most trusted names in paint, and we’re proud to call them a partner. We recommend Behr not only for their exceptional quality, long warranties, and great customer service, but also because all UBuildIt clients are provided with the benefits of a Behr Pro account. This means dedicated Behr Pro reps who can help you with color selection and comparison, “closeout books” that will provide a permanent record of your project’s colors, free paint delivery, and access to pre-selected color schemes created from North American trends.

Home Security

If you’re thinking about adding a home security system to your new construction or remodel, UBuildIt has you covered. We highly recommend the SimpliSafe alarm systems, which are easy to install and use, saving homeowners hundreds on installation and monitoring plans. We’re also able to offer UBuildIt customers a 10 percent discount! Security is a lot more important than people think—in the US, there about about 6,000 home burglaries a day, and although 9 out of 10 burglars said they would not attack a home with a security system, still only about 14 percent of US homes have one. Most people are deterred by the monthly cost of monitoring and the up-front cost of installation, but SimpliSafe requires neither.

These are just a few of our many fantastic local and national partners. We strongly encourage our customers to take advantage of our decades of experience and the relationships we’ve made, and let us help them find the best vendors in the industry.


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