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Debunking UBuildIt Myths

Published on November 30, 2014 under UBuildIt Services
Debunking UBuildIt Myths

You’ve heard our commercials on the radio. You’ve seen our car driving around town and maybe even some signs up in front of houses. But what do you really know about UBuildIt? Let’s see how many of these facts or myths you can get right! 

Myth: UBuildIt Sounds like a Do It Yourself project and I don’t want to Do It Myself.
Fact: UBuildIt is CONTROL It Yourself, not Do It Yourself!

Myth: I have to know about construction to use UBuildIt.
Fact: No construction experience is necessary, UBuildIt provides the experts! We’ll be there to guide you through the entire process to make sure you don’t miss anything and that your project is done right.

Myth: Then, I can’t do any of the work myself.
Fact: While most of our owner-builders do very little physical work, there are others that perform a lot of the work. Picking up a hammer is totally optional, it’s a great way to put sweat equity into your home! The more you can do, the less your mortgage will be.

Myth: I know a lot of subcontractors and trades, but won’t be able to hire them.
Fact: This is your project and you’re in charge. You decide who is on site. If you want to call in favors to help build your house for less money, that’s great news—it’s money directly in your pocket!

Myth: With my experience and connections, I won’t save anything with UBuildIt.
Fact: Not true! With our system you get a personal consultant who knows all the ins and outs of every aspect of home building. You gain preferred vendor pricing which can save thousands on materials for your home. Our checklist system makes sure that there is nothing skipped over or forgotten. UBuildIt is here to help no matter your background or connections.

Myth: I need land and plans before I start with UBuildIt.
Fact: Actually, the best time to start working with UBuildIt is in the very beginning stages. The more eyes you have on a project, the less likely you are to make costly mistakes. Having our expert advice during the planning phase allows you to get the most from our services.

Myth: I won’t be in control.
Fact: Actually, you are the controller! This is your project. UBuildIt is here to guide you. You’ll see where every penny is spent, where all your items are purchased, and decide who is on your property. This is your house!

Myth: I need to wait until spring to start the process.
Fact: There is no perfect season to build in—each season has pros and cons. If you decide that spring is best for you, keep in mind that the average design phase is 8 to 12 weeks and the planning phase is 4-6 weeks. Spending more time planning allows you to cover every detail and makes the construction process a lot smoother. While fall and winter have pros to building as well, it is also a great time to get the planning phase done so you can build during the spring if that is your goal.

Myth: UBuildIt is a kit home.
Fact: UBuildIt creates 100% custom homes and remodels. You are in charge of your project and make choices and decisions based on your preferences. Because they are custom, no two homes are alike and we do not have any set material list.

Myth: Building Green or energy efficiently takes a specialist in the field.
Fact: True. And, UBuildIt is up on the most cost effective and practical ways of doing Green and an energy efficient home.

Myth: I can’t possibly build my home and afford that shop, pool, Viking Kitchen…
Fact: You can afford your dream amenities! Yes, this has happened. We recently had a family that wanted to build a replica of a house they had found that sold before they could get it. The budget they had in mind was the retail price of the home. Since they built their own home for wholesale price, they had enough equity in their home to afford the pool they wanted.


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