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What to Consider When Determining Your Remodel Budget

Published on June 4, 2017 under Home Remodeling
What to Consider When Determining Your Remodel Budget

When carefully executed, remodeling your home is a rewarding experience that leaves your interior and exterior with a fresh look and feel. Whether you want to redo the entire floor plan of a recent purchase or just update a room or two in your longtime home, planning and budgeting are key to ensure the finished product is a dream and not a nightmare. With a little forethought, you can better avoid most budget pitfalls.

Know which services are important to outsource

Certain projects, such as installing a new backsplash or applying a stain to wood furniture, you may be able to do yourself. Other foundational undertakings, like designing the layout of an efficient and intuitive kitchen space, should be left to professionals. At first thought, design may not seem like a critical expense, but hiring the right designer helps your project run smoothly on a realistic and accurate budget. Working with a company like HomeStyling Design can help you determine what work needs to be done to reach your goals for the space.

Realize that speed can cost you

How long can you live with an unfinished bathroom or kitchen? Do you need a professional demolition crew to gut the space in a single day, or can you live in your home while work is being done? Your needs, lifestyle, and flexibility will all impact how much your remodel costs. If you must stick to a tight schedule, be sure to increase your budget to reflect the potential extra costs of remodel labor on short notice with a tight deadline.

Remember to consider indirect expenses

All those power tools are going to increase your electricity bill during the course of the remodel project. You may need to hire cleaners to mitigate the drywall dust in your home, no matter how careful everyone is while working. Will you need a secondary fridge or a water delivery service during the remodel? Consider all these potential expenses as part of your remodel budget.

Consider the value of elbow grease and sweat equity

While you probably want the work done as quickly as possible, you can maximize your budget by completing some of the work on your own. Working with a company like UBuildIt, which can help you gain control over the project while connecting you to skilled subcontractors, can help you reduce costs and improve the overall quality of the remodel. When you work with UBuildIt, you could save as much as 30 percent when compared to working with a general contractor.


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